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It’s Time For A Family Meeting…

This summer will mark 3 years on the air for 95.7 KKSR. It’s been a great start and we love the way the Tri-Cities has embraced us. However, before we start year number 4, we want to be certain that we are meeting your expectations and becoming the station you want us to be! That means that we reflect on what is most important to you, from our place in the community to the music we play and so much more.

When you take the survey below you are helping us take a deep dive into how we operate as a local radio station with a local agenda. It may take a little longer than most surveys, but this is how we work together to make the next year and the years beyond, truly great. Thank you in advance for your help! If you have already taken the community survey below and are ready for the music survey, click here.

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